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The Embrace

The 10-Week Heart-Based Personal Coaching Program 

Let's take a deep dive into your heart space & allow unconditional love to surface.

Imagine if...

  • You could re-introduce yourself to You from a Heart-Wide-Open space.

  • You were in full awareness & acknowledgement of how beautiful, worthy & deserving you are.

  • You felt the freedom to be your authentic self and live your life fully.

  • You could look in the mirror, smile & say "I love & support you."

  • You could allow the surfacing of your strengths, your own value & shine your light.

  • You could stand in your power to set healthy boundaries & voice your truth.

  • You could experience the full capacity of your potential on an emotional & spiritual level.

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What could change if you approached your life from the perspective of "I love myself fully"?

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How you currently feel...

  • You look for validation, approval & love from external sources.

  • You drive yourself to the brink of exhaustion in return for acknowledgement.

  • You consistently self abandon in order to live up to the expectations of others.

  • You feel guilt when you even consider the idea of prioritizing yourself.

  • You avoid disapproval by staying in situations that feel "soul-draining".

  • You constantly wallow in self-doubt & imposter syndrome.

  • You hesitate to move forward, "cap" your potential & feel disconnected from your innate sense of worthiness.


Let's Activate the Portal to Unconditional Love




Hello Beautiful Being,

I’m Sonia and I am so grateful that you’ve found your way here.

I am a Certified Wellness Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Positive Psychology Coach & Soma Breath Instructor. I’ve been on my personal inner journey for almost two decades and I’m deeply passionate about supporting others as they walk their own path towards inner strength and peace of mind.


My soul purpose is to create a space for you to explore your deep-rooted limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and thought patterns so that together we may rewrite your personal narrative from a heart-based space in a way that allows you to step forward with ease, grace, unconditional love and self-compassion.


You were always meant to love yourself fully and there truly is no greater gift in life than being able to do so!


I know that we are about to do some courageous work together and I thank you for your trust in this process.


Much Love & Gratitude, Sonia



What is the Process of Embrace?

E. - Embrace

Establish the Intention to fully embrace yourself throughout this process. Self compassion is the key during exploration of the "old" stories that no longer serve you AND in taking consistent steps forward.

R. - Release & Redefine

Through Coaching, through reflection & journaling, we will repeat the process of releasing & redefining outdated beliefs, patterns & conditioning that have shaped your story around self love.

M. - Meditation

Throughout the process, we will use the beautiful gift of meditation and visualization. Open your mind, heart & soul to the power of this process.

A. - Acceptance & Acknowledgement

The ability to love yourself surfaces when you fully accept yourself for all that you are. Have you ever noticed how much time you spend judging and rejecting yourself? Let's switch that judgement to acceptance and see what starts to change.

B. - Breathwork

One of the most effective tools I've experienced in my own healing journey. Breathwork allows a releasing of anxious thoughts, a calming of the nervous system and an opening of your mind & heart to accept new empowering beliefs.

C. - Courage & Commitment

This process takes courage & commitment. When we shed our layers, it can cause discomfort. By stepping into courage , embracing the discomfort and commiting fully to yourself, the light at the end of the tunnel will show itself.

E. - Embody & Elevate

The work we are doing is not just "Mindset" work. It involves a deep shifting of the "heart & soul". Full acceptance of your redefined belief system into your heart space will elevate your energetic vibe. Fully trust in this process to experience the magic.

What will the Self Journey Look Like?

Self Discovery- Understand the Story of you through the Systemic lens


Connect to the Wisdom of your Future Ideal Self


Unpack your Self limiting Beliefs, Doubts & Patterns

Through Expression & Reflection

Identify your Shadows and Self Perception

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Self-Acceptance begins through Affirmation & Voice Work

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Redefine Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Boundaries to keep Yourself in  Alignment


Creation of a Self Care & Resilience Blue Print


Integration of the Healed & Fully Accepted Inner Self


What will you Experience?

This heart-based program was designed to allow you to truly understand where you come from, bring to awareness your energetic blocks, burdens & conditioning. Through an intense process of deep coaching, journaling, meditation & breathwork, together we will create the opening for you to embrace your innate strengths, intuition & unconditional love for yourself. When you operate from a space of deep love for yourself, EVERYTHING around you changes. Are you ready to feel all the following?


  • A re-introduction to who you are within your heart space.

  • An unfolding of your unique essence as you release your limiting patterns.

  • The connection to your authentic voice & ability to affirm yourself

  • A realization of your innate worthiness & value

  • A deeply loving & connected relationship with Higher self.

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The Embrace Package

The Embrace Coaching Package is an 10-Week Heart-Based Personal Coaching Program that will create a beautiful energy  shift within within your Heart Center. Over the course of 10 weeks, you will receive the following:


  • 1* 30 minute Design the Alliance session

  • 7* 60 minute Coaching Sessions

  • 3* 30 minute Personalized Breathwork/Meditation sessions

  • 1* Personal Workbook with tools & reflection prompts

  • In-between session email support

  • In-between unlimited Voxer support


For more details, book your FREE Connection Call here to see if this is the program you have been seeking.

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