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At the Core of Your Soul...

You have Everything you need.

Hello Beautiful Being,

I’m Sonia and I am so grateful that you’ve found your way here. I am a Certified Wellness Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Positive Psychology Coach & Soma Breath Instructor. I’ve been on my personal inner journey for almost two decades and I’m deeply passionate about supporting others as they walk their own path towards inner strength and peace of mind.​

My soul purpose is to create a space for you to explore your deep-rooted limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and thought patterns so that together we may rewrite your personal narrative from a heart-based space in a way that allows you to step forward with ease, grace, unconditional love and self-compassion.

You were always meant to love yourself fully and live from a place of limitless potential. There truly is no greater gift in life than being able to do so!

I know that we are about to do some courageous work together and I thank you for your trust in this process.


Much Love & Gratitude, Sonia

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What is my experience as a Coach?

  • I received my first Coaching certification through Coach Training EDU, an ICF accredited program. I am also certified as a Positive Psychology Life Coach, a Master NLP Coach and a Family Constellation Facilitator. I received my ACC with the International Coach Federation in 2020.

  • I am trained as a Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner, Level II Reiki Practitioner and Soma Breath Instructor.

  • In addition to coaching clients through personal challenges, I've been training & supporting aspiring professional Coaches through an ICF accredited Coach Training Program (with Coach Training EDU) for the last 4 years.

  • Before Coaching, I was dedicated to empowering women and teens through self defence training. My approach was never just one of physical self defense but from the perspective of "wholeness" integrating important conversations around self value/belief, boundary setting, body language and using the voice powerfully.

  • All the above has accumulated in 1000s of hours plus of Coaching, training & mentoring wonderful people from all over the world through resistance, challenge & deeply imbedded self doubt.

  • I am passionately committed to my personal growth and to the self-development journey of all those who choose to work with me.

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What do I offer?

Using a unique integration of Coaching, Systemic work, Breathwork, Meditation, Energetic healing and exploration of Key relationships with your Self, I want to hold your space as you look deep within.


Understanding your belief system, your conditioning, your triggers, your strengths, shadow sides & how you either express or suppress allows an empowering space to release, redefine & consciously choose how you want to live your life moving forward.


Together, we will unpack all the pieces of you putting you fully in charge of how you want to place them from this point on.


I've created 3 unique programs for you to choose from.

Need a Mindset Reset? The Essential is your key.

Time to honor & love Yourself? The Embrace is open.

Looking within on a deeper Soul level? The Evolve awaits.

Are you feeling the need for a little of everything?  No problem!

I can tailor a Bespoke Program to suit your needs!


"I cannot recommend Sonia enough! She has been an incredible Life Coach and her guidance has been invaluable in helping me navigate some difficult challenges. From the first session, Sonia's compassionate and non-judgmental approach made me feel heard and understood. Her ability to ask the right questions and provide insightful feedback helped me gain clarity on my goals and how to achieve them.

Throughout my coaching journey, Sonia has provided me with tools and techniques that have helped me to become more self-aware, improve my communication skills, and set healthy boundaries. She has also been a great source of motivation, always encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zone and reach for my full potential.

I truly believe that working with Sonia has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself, and I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life.”

Sam Patel, Entrepreneur

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