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The Evolve 

The 12-Week Soul Work Journey

Let's connect you to the Essence of Your Soul.

Are You feeling any of this:

  • You are living life based on the "SHOULDS" of previous generations.

  • You are disconnected from who YOU are at your absolute core.

  • You find yourself overwhelmed  by constant self judgement & self betrayal.

  • You stay in negative situations because you believe you are not deserving of more.

  • You feel energetically stuck in emotions & experiences from the past.

  • You feel the heaviness of burdens you carry for those around you.

  • You feel stifled as you struggle to express yourself & avoid conflict at all costs.

  • You dream of leading a more soulfully CONNECTED life.

  • You are aching to step into and own your divine wisdom & feminine power.

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Hello Beautiful Being,

I’m Sonia and I am so grateful that you’ve found your way here.

I am a Certified Wellness Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Positive Psychology Coach & Soma Breath Instructor. I’ve been on my personal inner journey for almost two decades and I’m deeply passionate about supporting others as they walk their own path towards inner strength and peace of mind.


My soul purpose is to create a space for you to explore your deep-rooted limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and thought patterns so that together we may rewrite your personal narrative from a heart-based space in a way that allows you to step forward with ease, grace, unconditional love and self-compassion.


You were always meant to love yourself fully and there truly is no greater gift in life than being able to do so! I know that we are about to do some courageous work together and I thank you for your trust in this process.


Much Love & Gratitude, Sonia


What will you Experience?

Using a unique integration of Coaching, Systemic work, Breathwork, Meditation, Energetic healing and exploration of Key relationships with your Self, I want to hold your space as you look deep within.


Understanding your belief system, your conditioning, your triggers, your Shadow & how you either express or suppress allows an empowering space to release, to heal & to embrace consciously how you want to live your life.


Together, we will unpack all the pieces of you, choose how you want to place them from this point on.


This beautiful program has been designed at a deep, soulful level allowing you to truly understand where you come from, bringing to awareness the energetic blocks, burdens & conditioning that have held you back in life. 

It's time to let go.


What is your role on the path to E.V.O.L.V.E ?

E. Embrace

Establish the Intention to fully embrace yourself through this process. Self compassion is the key during exploration of the "old" stories that no longer serve you AND in taking consistent steps forward.

L.  Live. Laugh. Love

Don't put your life on hold. Start living more fully from the minute we start our work together. Don't feel the need to take it too seriously. I promise through laughter & lightness, you will release more pain and heal... Live. Laugh. Love through it all.\

V.  Voice & Expression

Let's voice it out loud with intention.

Voicing out loud all your suppressed thoughts & feelings within our non-judgemental space is the first step to releasing the control it has over you.

V. Vulnerability

"Vulnerability is not weakness. It is our greatest measure of courage." - Brene Brown

Through the process of your soul journey, step into courage as we explore you. Vulnerability is courage.

0. Open your Heart Space

This is not a Mindset program, it's about really discovering the essence of who you are at a soul do this, I invite you to ease out of your head & move into the heart & soul space. This is where all your answers lie.

E. Elevate Your Vibe

Elevate & energize all that you DESIRE in your life. Our tendency is to focus on all that we DON'T want. By doing so, we continue to attract exactly that. From Day 1, we are going to activate our intention towards what we DO want.

What will the Soul Coaching Process look like?

Deep dive into You through the lens of Family Constellation Work


Creation of a Soul Map to layout

Your Desired Blueprint


Energetically heal your main

Emotional Challenges

Deep dive into Your relationship

with Worthiness


3 personalized Soma Breath Meditations to integrate as necessary


Exploration into your Relationship

with Your Voice

love-yourself (1).png

Deep Dive into Your

Beliefs & Boundaries

meditation (1).png

Exploring Your Shadow Parts, Triggers and the Power of Forgiveness


What will you walk away with?

This unique program delivers an intense and impactful opportunity to completely “reset” your internal world in a deep, soul centered way. Imagine walking in unsure of who you are at your core, challenged by emotions you cannot explain, struggling with the belief in your own self worth, unable to own your unique voice & express yourself. Then imagine the following:


  • A re-introduction to who you are at your core

  • A releasing of conditioning & energetic blocks

  • An emergence of your unique soul

  • Re-connecting & owning your authentic voice

  • A beautiful realization of your own worthiness

  • A sense of freedom to just BE who you want


It's time to reconnect to the Essence of Your Soul.

The E.v.o.l.v.e. Package

The EVOLVE Coaching Package is an 3 Month Intensive -Soul Work Journey that will create a beautiful energy  shift within. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will receive the following:


  • 1* 30 minute Design the Alliance session

  • 8* 60 minute Coaching Sessions

  • 4* 30 minute Personalized Breathwork/Meditation sessions

  • 7* Personal Workbook with tools & deep reflection prompts

  • In-between session email support

  • In-between unlimited Voxer support

For more details, book your FREE Connection Call here to see if this is the program you have been looking for.

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