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Energy Healing Session

  • Are you struggling with an emotional challenge, an ongoing physical ailment or feeling a sense of heaviness in life?

  • Are you ready to explore your stuck emotions, potentially trapped trauma & rediscover a sense of ease in life?

  • Then the MAT Energy Healing Technique is for you!​

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Hello Beautiful Being,

I’m Sonia and I am so grateful that you’ve found your way here.

I am a Certified Wellness Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Positive Psychology Coach & Soma Breath Instructor. I’ve been on my personal inner journey for almost two decades and I’m deeply passionate about supporting others as they walk their own path towards inner strength and peace of mind.


My soul purpose is to create a space for you to explore your deep-rooted limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and thought patterns so that together we may rewrite your personal narrative from a heart-based space in a way that allows you to step forward with ease, grace, unconditional love and self-compassion.


You were always meant to love yourself fully and there truly is no greater gift in life than being able to do so! I know that we are about to do some courageous work together and I thank you for your trust in this process.


Much Love & Gratitude, Sonia


What is the MAT Technique?

The Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT) is a gentle and effective healing technique developed by Evette Rose.


When we experience trauma or feel "unsafe" in any given moment, we store the memory of this physically and emotionally within the brain, muscles and our personal energetic field. Eventually it presents itself in the form of a physical ailment, injury, chronic pain or a sense of "emotional stuckness" in life.

By identifying the underlying emotions associated with the root trauma, the MAT process works on allowing the release of these blocks from within your mind, body and energetic field.

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The MAT Session 

The MAT Energy Healing session is an 75-90 minute session that will move you forward from your current energetic blocks. Within the session we will explore your challenge, identify the key components (the initial event, the stuck emotions, the instincts) and then together work through the healing process. The healing process is a combination of breathwork, intentional affirmation, meditation and visualization.

In addition, you will receive 7 days of Voxer Coaching Support to work through your post session healing process, any insights or moments of emotional release that you experience. For more details, book your FREE Connection Call here to see if this is right for you!



"I've never done anything like this before and I want to tell you; it worked and it worked well. Within minutes of entering our session , I felt calm and completely at ease. We explored emotions that I have previously suppressed and/or ignored as they would only trigger anger. By going through this process and having the additional week of Coaching support, I was able to process and release so much of what I've been feeling. Just being able to express them in the moment and talk through them with Sonia's guidance has allowed me to come into a space whereby I can now accept and validate them. Sonia is a deeply intuitive coach and her presence in itself is so soothing. I've been telling everyone I know that they need to do this for themselves!"

Devin Landers, Digital Creator

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